Urchins Take Sides – What Came First, The Revolution or the Catalyst?

Greetings, friends and readers. Today, I would like to share something that jumped out at me as I was looking for fresh reading material. It seems that Russell Brand has gotten political recently, using his celebrity to share his thoughts on democracy, the environment, and voting, to name just a few.

I was obliquely aware of his presence as a political activist (?), so much of his purpose and message is new to me, but after reading this article and the brief analysis of his essay featured in New Statesman, I would like to know more. I’ve included a link to the article regarding his essay so that some of you might read it and perhaps then find his article. Im not going to go into his article, not yet, anyways, because I’m not sure I want to espouse any political movement or viewpoint here. What I would like to do is start looking at things in different ways and not simply accept things for the way they appear or for the way we are told they appear.

With so much conflict and posturing around the world (and at home), it’s hard to know what to think and believe. What are the facts? Who came up with these facts? Which side should I take? Should I take sides? I don’t know if these are good questions to apply to any given issue, but they could be a good place to start for asking more questions. Questions are good, but unfortunately I don’t see people asking enough questions, when we as a country allow things like The Patriot Act and NDAA (and more) to become our reality.

I won’t claim to know the truth about any of these issues facing us today, all I will claim is that I am going to try and learn to ask more questions. I encourage you to do the same.


 Urchins Take Sides – What Came First, The Revolution or the Catalyst?.


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