For the Doctor

I love science fiction and fantasy, be it in novels, movies or even television. I am a major fan of Dune, Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, Fringe, Eureka and so many others, it’s hard to know where to begin. Today it seems relevant to pay tribute to a show that I recently discovered but that has quickly become a favorite.

Dr Who is not only a story line of truly epic proportions (not epic as the newer generations would know the word), but a record setting (check Guinness) cultural phenomenon centered around a character known simply as “The Doctor.”
First aired in 1963 on the BBC, Dr Who is the winding tale of a “Time Lord”, a humanoid who travels the length of time and space in a blue police box (the TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimension In Space, a sentient time machine) accompanied by ordinary people, to save civilizations, right galactic wrongs, and somehow make people feel like they are the the most special thing in the universe. As a Time Lord, The Doctor can see time as a whole (I think that’s the idea…correct me if I’m wrong…please), and the time vortex along which he travels in the TARDIS. The Doctor might be humanoid, but there are differences. Among them, he has two hearts (with which he loves with reckless abandon). Another, and this is a big one, is that he can survive grievous injuries through a process called Regeneration (this is how the writers have had so much time to continue the show as a VERY long progression).

This fine piece of programming has had some broadcasting trouble along the way, as it went off air in 1989. But as it had come to be a beloved piece of British pop-culture, there were attempts to restart production, and finally success in 2005 (Many thanks to Russell T Davies for sharing The Doctor with a generation that might have otherwise missed out).

The Doctor has touched many people in the nearly 50 years since it’s first episode, and influenced the science fiction genre. Since my discovery, I have come to love who The Doctor is. My favorite Doctor is undoubtedly Matt Smith (who is finally leaving the show 😦 ). He is quite simply a 900-something big kid, trying desperately to be the hero all kids want to believe in. He IS the Oncoming Storm, but he never uses guns. He is friends with Charles Dickens, Vincent Van Gogh and Winston Churchill, among others. He is frequently scared, but he doesn’t run away. Nay he runs into the big scary thing, with a smile on his face, willing to give his enemies a chance to change their ways.

He may not be my hero (no disrespect Doctor), but that’s only because I’ve already got two, and you will have to stay tuned to my blog to find out who they are. But the Doctor is a great role model for the big kid of any age, and I for one would like to wish him a happy 50 year anniversary.


School suspends teen boy for carrying purse. Why???

This is another example of the harmful messages children are being sent everyday. It’s no wonder so many kids grow up with self-esteem issues. They are being taught that it’s not okay to be who they want to be.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

For several weeks, an eighth-grade boy outside of Kansas City has been expressing his individuality by carrying a floral-print Vera Bradley purse. But yesterday, his assistant principal demanded he remove it. The boy refused, and he was immediately suspended from school.

This raises a question: Why is it a problem for a boy to carry a purse instead of a backpack if he wants to? By breaking gender stereotypes, he’s not hurting anyone. Instead, he’s showing the world that he has good self-esteem and self-confidence—that he is secure his identity.

Unfortunately, his school administrators’ actions show that they want to force a 13-year-old kid into stereotypical masculinity. Apparently, they value gender conformity over creativity and individuality.

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Violence in Games: When the Agenda Dictates the News

Greetings, friends and readers. I’d like to take a moment to share this post from a fellow blogger. It relates to the ever popular media target – Video Games (cue the ominous and dramatic music). You have probably heard this debate at some point in the time since video games began depicting violence. I’m not going to add anything new, here, I’m just going to say, that, as a parent that has spent many hours visiting various varieties of violence via video games (always wanted to alliterate publicly), I have never used violence to solve my problems. Just saying…

Don’t believe everything you read.
Don’t ignore your children.
Don’t let your children listen to Justin Bieber

Urchins Take Sides – What Came First, The Revolution or the Catalyst?

Greetings, friends and readers. Today, I would like to share something that jumped out at me as I was looking for fresh reading material. It seems that Russell Brand has gotten political recently, using his celebrity to share his thoughts on democracy, the environment, and voting, to name just a few.

I was obliquely aware of his presence as a political activist (?), so much of his purpose and message is new to me, but after reading this article and the brief analysis of his essay featured in New Statesman, I would like to know more. I’ve included a link to the article regarding his essay so that some of you might read it and perhaps then find his article. Im not going to go into his article, not yet, anyways, because I’m not sure I want to espouse any political movement or viewpoint here. What I would like to do is start looking at things in different ways and not simply accept things for the way they appear or for the way we are told they appear.

With so much conflict and posturing around the world (and at home), it’s hard to know what to think and believe. What are the facts? Who came up with these facts? Which side should I take? Should I take sides? I don’t know if these are good questions to apply to any given issue, but they could be a good place to start for asking more questions. Questions are good, but unfortunately I don’t see people asking enough questions, when we as a country allow things like The Patriot Act and NDAA (and more) to become our reality.

I won’t claim to know the truth about any of these issues facing us today, all I will claim is that I am going to try and learn to ask more questions. I encourage you to do the same.


 Urchins Take Sides – What Came First, The Revolution or the Catalyst?.