Another New Beginning

Well, the girls and I are faced with another new beginning. We need to find another place to live and it couldn’t come at a more difficult time of the year. Christmas time, with expectations of presents and such, makes moving into a new place seem like a nigh-insurmountable feat of accomplishment. I won’t go into the reasons behind our unexpected change of venue, suffice it to say, it’s not helping the feeling of family togetherness.

It’s another new experience for me, Christmas as a stay-at-home dad. Last year I was able to provide a modest haul of gifts for the girls, who absolutely adore Christmas. This year couldn’t be more different, for me or the SO. With the impending move to be made around the 1st of the year, money hangs like a dark cloud over this years holiday festivities as there isn’t likely going to be enough for anything but food, gas, and moving expenses. This isn’t the recipe for a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday for the girls and I. Yes, I am aware that the holiday season isn’t supposed to revolve around gifts and consumerism (unless you are asking anyone in the media or the retail sectors), but try telling that to a child who has no clue about money and how it doesn’t grow on trees. For us grown ups it’s difficult because we feel like we can’t provide for ourselves or the kids. For me it’s difficult, sometimes, to see the importance of my role at home when money is the issue on everybody’s mind. Yes I take care of the kids while the lady is busy bringing home the bacon, but as a previous wage earner, it’s hard for me to be unable to help solve the main problem causing all this stress and unpleasantness.

Despite all this, I am grateful for all that we do have. We have each other. We will be fine. It will be a rather bare Christmas, yes, but it will pass and life will go on and the girls will find more reasons to be happy. Maybe that sounds callous in regards to the magic of Christmas, but as I cook the bacon the SO brings home, all I can do is stay positive.


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, even if it is a bit late. It is never too early or too late to give thanks for who and what you have in your life.

We all make plans. We have dreams and desires, we set goals, and sometimes we even accomplish those things. Other times, life gets in the way and we get diverted from our path into a new direction. Those can be difficult times, trying to figure out how to start over again or how to adjust to a new set of goals. In this way, I never pictured myself having children. I wasn’t anti-kid, I just never saw it as a part of my future. Now that I have a child and am helping raise another, I find myself adjusting to my new reality. More importantly, I find myself being incredibly thankful for the children and my girlfriend, they are wonderful people and I am a lucky guy to have them as family. My baby is 7 months old, now, and she is as active as I could hope for. Babbling, rolling, jumping, and darn near crawling, she is a joy to see and I can’t wait to see how her life unfolds. Z, my girlfriend’s daughter, is progressing at school and it’s cool to watch her learning new things and becoming more able to understand the world around her. As for my girlfriend, she just got promoted at work and, even though it’s a hectic position, I have no doubt they got the right person for the job. I love them and the make my life better every day.

I am also very grateful for the childhood I had, and the family I was born into. I have always been loved and I have always known it, something that many people can’t say, unfortunately. I’ve had opportunities, I’ve had help, and I’ve made mistakes, but my family has always been there for me, and I will always be grateful for them.

This Thanksgiving, or whenever you read this, I challenge you to sit down a while and think about what you have to be thankful for. Please take some time to put away the frustrations you may have over changes or adjustments and give thanks for what you have, even if it’s not what you planned for or expected. Yes, sometimes life doesn’t follow your plans, but that doesn’t mean that the unexpected path won’t be every bit as wonderful as what you had in mind.

Happy Holidays